Once Upon
a DSP...

Once upon a time, there lived a self-serve demand-side platform called Mobfox DSP who had a twin named Mobfox SSP. Together, they grew up side by side, offering smart RTB technology for advertisers and publishers around the world. They became so successful that they gained the attention of world-leading media company and advertising industry pioneer, Matomy Media Group Ltd. (LSE:MTMY; TASE: MTMY.TA), who quickly adopted both programmatic platforms to complement its own family of performance solutions.

Matomy soon realized the need for a solution that would continue to adapt and evolve with its clients’ growth-driven goals. Striving to create the ultimate experience for advertisers, Matomy worked around the clock, developing a holistic mobile advertising agency named mtmy, whose smart advertising solutions were powered by an even smarter DSP than before – myDSP.

Still connected to Mobfox SSP, myDSP offers the same superior service and supply, only better. With a smarter rule engine, flexible targeting, and real-time reporting & optimization, myDSP is the best demand platform for media buyers – making the most of every ad budget.

Why myDSP?

Global reach with leading supply.

Access 50B impressions daily from premium inventory for all geos, including Tier 1, English-speaking and APAC users. Connect directly to industry-leading supply partners, such as MoPub, Inneractive, Smaato, PubMatic, Applovin, and naturally, Mobfox.

Data-driven targeting – at scale.

Did you know that myDSP enables gender targeting for over a half billion anonymized users in 52 countries? And, of course, we also have over 15 additional data-driven targeting options to ensure you reach your desired audience.

Actionable reporting & insights.

Pre-plan your media buying with our inventory reports, featuring average CPM bid and win prices. See the average bids on a specific inventory and the average of all winning bids, after the second bid auction. In other words, you’ll know what to bid and how much you’ll actually pay.

myDSP always has your back.

Our dedicated success managers are here to share best practices and optimization tips, and see that you build effective, successful campaigns. They’ll offer best bids, supply sources, app/sites for your ads, and show you how to get the most out of the myDSP platform.