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How DOCOMO Digital
Tripled Their Revenue Using myDSP
DOCOMO Digital sought to increase control on their advertising, conversions and user engagement, while lowering CPA and improving ROI.
Established as Buongiorno in 1999, DOCOMO is one of the oldest mobile payment and mobile content businesses in the industry.
Their advanced mobile commerce
platform, DOCOMO Digital, offers safe, reliable, and convenient-commerce payment solutions for consumers.
DOCOMO Digital is leading the mentality
change in the mobile content industry with the goal to increase the standards and offer the best solution for users
Strategy & Activity: Change of Pace
Led to Incredible Results

DOCOMO Digital began using myDSP in May 2017.

To extend their potential reach, they worked with top demand partners, used high performing creative, including rewarded video and native formats, separated geos, set micro bids, and placed their campaigns on high converting apps through whitelists. With continuous monitoring and optimization, their results improved and stabilized in the first six weeks on myDSP.

The turning point came when DOCOMO Digital’s myDSP account manager recommended the company update their budget and pacing settings. At their AM's urging, instead of pacing their budget evenly throughout the day, they set the majority of their campaigns to spend the budget as fast as possible.

This action led to incredible results for the company!

Results: Tripled Conversions
& Revenue Within a Week

DOCOMO Digital saw an immediate increase in revenue, with campaigns converting three times more in week six than the previous week.

By the 10th week on myDSP, DOCOMO Digital’s return on ad spend had grown dramatically, with revenue rising by 850%.

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